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CCTV China CraftsMen Quality Column reported President Xiangqi Li

Aug 3, 2021 The only way to be the leader of parking industries is "We have and you have not; You have the old and we have the new; You have the new and we have the only special patents"; Dayang is the No. 1 professional and powerful.

Congratulations! Dayang honored the "Champion of China Enterprises Award"  as leader of the parking systems industries in No.6 China Manufacturing Power Forum held on Mar 28, 2021. It is the China Manufacturing Davos! All staff of Dayang is proud of the honor with confidence to make more improvements and lead China Parking Systems into the world.

Full Auto Parking System PPY Perfectly Handed Over
June 20, 2020, Suqian Reading Plaza project started into use; It is 4 levels full automatic plane moving project, total 198 spaces;


The driver park the car into the carriage cabinet according to the order guidance, then left outside; The system will detect the car weight, height, width by scanning to guarantee the safety; The comb carrier or tyre clamp carrier will take the car into the carriage trolley;
This garage system designed with Lifter, Carrier by turning, sliding vertically, sliding horizontally to take the car to the appointed space; When retrieve the car, the reverse actions to take the car by sliding, falling, turning to the entrance and drive the car out forward direction;  
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9 spaces into 90 spaces

Addis Tower Parking 15 Levels; Africa first smart tower parking systems project busy working now. It is made by Dayang Parking, a government project invested by Bank of the World.

It is traction tower parking systems 15 levels, total 3 systems, 9 cars area park 90 cars; Fast speed parking with speed about 80m/min; It locates at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Installed by local engineers and workers, supervised by Dayang engineers; It is the tender project by 6 bidding participants from Korea, Germany, Italy and 3 China parking factories, by strict supervision and evaluation based on factory power, technical power, patents and history projects finished, third party evaluation, financial records, after rounds of competition, Dayang final won the project as the best tender! Local agent Syspreon provided best cooperation and professional ability to arrange the installation and services; The government officer said "We want the experienced builders", they selected Dayang!

Another project traction tower parking 10 levels 4 systems, total 80 spaces, also built after the first 15 levels tower finished.

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45 spaces into 180 spaces

TaiZhou Huangyan Xinshun Public Parking Garage put into use on June 5th, 2020. Commercial area with crowd traffic flow, lack of parking spaces severely. Many cars cover both sides of the road, make the road very narrow, blocked fire way, traffic jam each day, Dayang provided the final parking solutions. Original area only park 45 cars, now 180 cars with intelligent parking systems. This system covers 20.45m*17.65m*24m parking area with 4 drive ways about 4 sides, in the center of 4 buildings. Keep good flow of parking;

Chengdu PSH6 Works

May 30th, 2020, Chengdu Socialist College Hydraulic Puzzle Parking system, PSH6-43D, Dayang patent product, designed with mechanical terminals and fixed stroke with limit switch sensors protection, high safety, low noise, and fast speed 15m/min; with safety protections devices ant-over-going, anti-clashing, anti-over loading, anti-empty motor start; It is the best solutions with advantages of low electricity, environment protection, and low maintenance cost; Won the users high praising with best satisfactory.

Narrow Area Solutions well practiced

May 23, 2020, Sichuan Guangyuan People's Hospital parking project, Single rows Plane Moving Smart Parking System, PPY auto parking solutions in narrow area with multi entrances, it is 6 levels comb exchange multi-columns multi layers design with 1 entrance and 1 exit each system; Each system 30 car spaces, total 60 spaces; Hospital has very large flow of cars, parking area is narrow for only single direction flow way to avoid traffic jam. This 6 levels intelligent comb exchange design with solutions of parking waiting room, and retrieving waiting room, to ensure high efficiency of parking and retrieving, and completely safety during operation; It has advantages of high automation, high usage of narrow land, high speed within 90S each car, high safety with separate waiting rooms;

40 spaces into 280 spaces!

May 16, 2020, Shandong Linqu People's Hospital parking project, Original area park 40 cars, now park 282 cars; Designed 8 independent blocks;, Each block with an entrance/exit, total 7 levels back to back layout; Total parking area 920 sqm; It is set with turntables and auto centralizing system; This design of parking spaces solved well for the hospital crowd parking; It is the people's livelihood project;

30 spaces into 208 spaces!

April 18, 2020, Shishi city Changfu intelligent parking systems finished; It is near for 87 Road Women and Baby Healthy Hospital. Neighbored with hospital, living center, farmers' market, police bureau. Busy parking with big demands of parking spaces.

Total 30 car spaces in this area, Dayang designed total 208 spaces in 22m*18.5m*33m area! Greatly take use of land! Built 14 levels smart vertical lift cabinet parking systems;